Men's and Women's Diesel Watches

If you are looking for a sporty and yet refined style, you would love to look at Diesel’s collection of watches. Diesel watches represent a strong attitude and urban style. These statement watches unite utility, fashion and high-tech solutions.

Diesel is famous for its refined Italian style that has conquered the world in the past three decades. Their collection of watches has been a great addition to their apparel and clothing line. The futuristic and tasteful designs of the watches bring the recognizable Diesel style and depict a bold statement.

Diesel watches for both men and women are inspired by the ever-moving and vibrant urban lifestyle.

The Diesel Watches Collection

More than a great modern detail, or rather said, status symbol, Diesel watches use advanced technology that makes the most out of the utility. Therefore, your Diesel watch is way more than a fashion accessory. Moreover, it is intended to be a useful gadget for an active lifestyle.

Manufactured with high-quality materials, innovative solutions and many functions, Diesel's wide variety of models are appealing to all age groups. The Diesel collection includes both vintage-inspired and ultra-modern style watches, whether monochromatic or in industrial color palettes. Each Diesel watch is smartly designed and quality manufactured for great endurance.

Diesel Watches for Men

Regarding the different styles, the collection of Diesel watches for men offers a variety of styles classified according to their appearance and performances. Crafted for durability and energetic lifestyle, Diesel designs proudly present the choice of materials, protection and build solutions.


  • Stainless steel casing, ion plating and leather/silicon/steel straps.
  • Protection Solutions:

  • Water-resistant design ranging from lower protection to high protection up to 100m underwater.
  • Build Solutions:

  • Durable inner-working mechanism protected with solid casing. Intended and tested to endure everyday use, carefully and strongly stitched, straps protect from wear tear.
  • Choose Your Preferred Diesel Watch Style

    Great resilience is guaranteed with Diesel watches for men. What you need to decide on is what style suits you best. In fact, you can surely find your fancied style in the versatility of Diesel watches NZ.

    Chronograph Diesel Watches

    The all-time favourite style brings a little nostalgia for the old days. Moreover, it has kind of a vintage vibe. These pieces offer refined appeal and great details. They measure the time and brief time intervals very precisely. Your chronograph Diesel watch offers classic style and functionality.

    Analogue Diesel Watches

    The classic style for everyday use is adaptable to every outfit and occasion. It comes in many different models, including leather and steel straps, and different shapes and sizes.

    Digital Diesel Watches

    Appealing mostly to the young generation, the digital watches are vibrant and with an urban vibe. They come in various shapes and colors. Appearing quite futuristic and simple, they offer all the Diesel quality that you seek.

    SBA Diesel Watches

    The unusually big dimension of the most recognizable Diesel watch style is what is much loved about it. The aggressive appearance comes along with a chronograph and a three-hand movement that allows you to navigate different time zones with perfect precision. This style unites the latest technology and the latest trends in fashion.

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